Special Olympic Gymnastics


For the first time in 8 years, we took a team of 18 athletes, boys and girls to the Summer State Games in Raleigh, NC.  95% of our athletes were currently on our Diamond or Angels cheerleading team and were eager to try something new.  We competed in artistic as well as rhythmic gymnastics.  Adding this to our program has been such a benefit to our athletes.  They have competed as a team for so long and now it was a chance to see how they would do on their own.  Each athlete had to learn 4 or more routines and compete by themselves in front of everyone.  Wow!  Each athlete not only loved it but grew more self confidence as they performed and won their medals.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!!!

We will be starting this program again in March of 2016.
SO State Summer Games, Raleigh, NC results:

*21-Gold medals, 15 – Silver medals, 16 – Bronze medals & 31 – ribbons

8-9 yr old girls:

  • Taylor Roche….5th in vault and beam, 4th in bars
  • Avery Dey…silver on bars, 3rd on beam, 4th on floor and vault, 3rd AA

10-11 yr old girls:

  • Rae bronze on vault & bars, silver on floor, beam and AA
  • Brielle – gold in vault & bars, 4th in floor and beam, bronze in AA
  • Serafina…4th on beam, 5th on floor, vault, bars and AA
  • Alondra…gold on beam, 4th place on vault, bars, 6th on floor and 4th AA
  • Rachel..bronze on bars, silver on vault and beam, gold on floor and AA

12 yr old girls:

  • Kylie gold in bars, beam, floor, silver in vault and gold in AA

14-15 yr old girls:

  • Devani 5 gold medals in vault, bars, beam, floor, AA
  • Cindy silver on beam, bars, floor, bronze on vault and AA
  • Kendal silver on floor, vault, bronze beam, bar, silver AA
  • Weslyn silver on beam, bronze on vault, 4th floor, bars and AA

16-21 yr old girls:

  • Lexi silver on vault and beam, bronze on bars, floor and AA
  • Savannah…..5 gold medals on vault, bars, beam, floor, AA

8-9 yr old boys:

  • Zeke…..3rd on floor, 4th on vault, rings, 5th on parallel bars, pommel horse, high bar, 4th AA
  • William….5th on floor, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings 4th on vault, high bar, 5th AA


  • Zoe Calhoun…Gold in her ball routine

If you are interested in joining us in 2016, please sign up with child’s name, age and email.



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